We know that being a mom is a unique and wonderful journey full of ups and downs. It has its easy days and hard days; the best and the most challenging life has to offer. But one thing is clear--it shouldn't be done alone! 

Brittany became very aware of this in the midst of navigating what being a mom looked like after having her first kid. There were many moments of fumbling and she felt alone at times. That is, until she started leaning on other mama friends for insight and encouragement.

Motherhood is an incredible gift but it's not always easy. That's why this place was birthed--to be a space for mothers to breath and be encouraged. Brittany gathered the best writers and mamas she knew to help provide refreshing resources and build authentic community. 

So while the kiddos nap or your husband gets tackled, take a moment to add a little fuel to your mama tank. 

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